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the past month.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

sorry i havnt writ anything for the past month, i havnt had time really:(

well.. after great ormand street i got my puppy, i got a girl instead of a boy, shes called missy!:) i was ok for a couple weeks. & then it came to the time to have IV's, and me and mum decided to have them in hospital & plus Great Ormand Street wanted a few more tests done before i could actually get onto the lung transplant list.. so we came in it was ok for the first week doing physio, antibiotics, & all the stuff i needed too & then monday i had to have a PH study test for 24 hours and after they put it in i had to go down for a x-ray to make sure it was in the right place, & then all of a sudden a physio came in and said i couldnt do my flutter& couldnt use the bird because they noticed that i had a pneumothorax in my top right lung(collappsed lung!) ive had it for a month! we didnt know it! i feel the same as i normally do :/ & i had another x-ray yesterday and they said it had got slighty smaller so they was gonna speak to GOSH to see what to do about it, so GOSH said tohave another x-ray friday & see if its got smaller or bigger. if it has got bigger then they would have to fit a chest drain in!:( & if it got smaller that would be great. but they also said that i wont be able to go home untill its completly gone! so we might be in here for while!:( its soo scary going threw all this.. sometimes i just want to burst out & cry but then i just tell myself.. when i get my new lungs it will all be ok! :)


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