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the first day at great ormand street hospital.

Monday, 23 April 2012

today has been so tireing it was the first day at GOSH & we had to be there by 10 and finished at 5 our plan for today was..

- Transplant talk
- echo & ECG
- lung function
- clerking(talking to doctor about medical history)

it was a long day & alot to take in, had a little cry but it was because i had to take everything in because there is so much!
after we finished at GOSH we went for tea at mc donalds:P & then came back to our room/flat but then there was just something that happened...

THE FIRE ALARM WENT OF!! me and mum are sleeping on the 7th floor! and we couldnt get the lift down or go down in my wheelchair & mum couldnt carry me so i just ran right down 3 flights of stairs but then i couldnt go no further i was too out of breath. so a lovely man came and carried me down the rest.
we got to the bottom & they said we could come back up it was just a mistake!

im tired now so just chilling in the flat! xxxxx

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  1. well my brave lil girl we both had tears today but ur a lil fighter and we can do this u have loads support and i cant express how proud of u i am i will be with u every step of the way love u soso much like i told u sunday nite when we had our one one chat love u darling xxxxxxx


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