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The Tarka Walk 2015!

Thursday, 12 March 2015


Saturday was the day for the Tarka Walk 2015 which was a sponsored walk me and my family organised and the money raised will go to Live Life Give Life, it was a great day and around 100 people turned up to do the walk, there was a raffle which had some great prizes, we've already raised about £1000 so far and we haven't had everyone's sponsorship money in yet! A few friends that has had transplants came down for the walk too, one of my best friends Jess Paddock who i have mentioned before, Emily Icke and Neil Capener, they have all had double lung transplants like me. I only managed to do half of the walk but that was more then i expected to do. Jess did the whole way and she is only 5 months post tx, i'm so proud of her! i wouldn't of been able to organise it without my Mum, Dad, Step mum and Austin Wallas who has helped my family a lot with the sponsored walks we have done! in the night me, Jess, Emily, Neil and friends went out for chinese before we all said goodbyes, Me and jess went to see Harriet on Friday and i bought her a lovely friend stone to put on her grave, it looked beautiful, Harriets parents and little sister came to the walk and it was hard to hold back the tears but i loved seeing them.

Thank you everyone who came to the walk and theres still chance to sponsor me through my Just Giving page please click..  *HERE*. We are thinking of doing a summer fete next year so i look forward to seeing you all there! for now i shall leave you to some photos of the day…

Emily, Neil, Me and Jess
Dad Holding the Organ Donation sign
The Lovely Jane Hoare and her friend Heather holding the sign

At the start line. 
Me and my gorgeous mum holding the sign. 
My Childhood best friend and her family, basically my second family.
Harriters parents Greg and Helen and her little sister Imogen 
One of my gorgeous nephews 
My other childhood best friend and Kim a friend of ours.
Emily, her friend and Neil behind her.

As always, thank you for reading
Speak soon
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