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Goodbye Reflux, Hello Sloppy Food

Sunday, 22 February 2015


I hope you are all well! After Disneyland I came to GOSH to have my Antibody-Mediated Rejection treatment which all went okay, I was attached to the IV pump for 12 hours and then was allowed home the next day but on the way home I became quite ill and started to get a headache and was sick, I got home and Helen rang and said my Tacrolimus level was very high so I was to miss that nights dose and change the dose in the morning. I was in bed for 2 days because I could not move as the headache stayed the whole 2 days and I would just be sick, I felt better after a few days but my appetite hasn't been very good since, I went to my friends and tried to forget about feeling ill but the morning I woke up and didn't feel well again but mornings are always worse, this was pancake day so of course I had a pancake or 2 :P

Last Wednesday I came to GOSH because I had my fundoplication on Thursday, I went to theatre at 1:00pm and came around at 5 o'clock ish in a lot of pain and had a NG tube down my nose, I basically slept for the rest of Thursday and the whole of friday(i do that after any anaesthetic haha) I got out of bed on Saturday to walk and it felt like Transplant all over again, I was dizzy my legs felt like jelly and I could hardly walk, I have to have a sloppy food diet for a while now, but I'm feeling fed up of it already haha! I'm going home tomorrow but decided not to go back to college until next week as i'm in quite a lot of pain where they did the keyholes to. 

A picture of what a Fundoplication is 

I'm back up at GOSH again in about 2 weeks for another lot of Antibody-Mediated Treatment, I will have this every month for a few months to hopefully say goodbye to these Antibodies! 

As always, thank you for reading
Speak soon
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