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Wondering Why...

Sunday, 29 March 2015


Hello you lovely people! Hope you are all well :D well where do I start… I went up to Great Ormand Street on Thursday 19th march to have my Antibody Rejection treatment and because I wasn't feeling well either, I was getting breathless walking, so i explained all to Helen and she said i have an infection because my lung function was quite down. I was started on IV ceftazidime and oral cipro, went home that Friday after my rejection treatment finished and after having trouble with my picc line which decided to snap in half whilst taking blood haha but they fixed it after 6-7 hours of trying. I decided to go college on Monday but I was very breathless walking around and had no energy at all so didn't go for the rest of the week, my nurse has been coming around a couple times this week and my lung function keeps dropping so I don't believe it's an infection but of course I listen to my doctors. I don't seem to be coping very well with the fact that I'm getting very out of breath again doing things, it isn't as bad as before transplant but loosing lung function so quick and being use to being able to do things again to not being able to walk up the stairs without having a break half way through is hard. There are people much more worse then me and are waiting for a transplant and I know what that feels like so I really don't know why I'm moaning but I just wonder.. why? why all this again, I haven't really had a break from it since I've had my transplant, best thing that ever happened to me and i will always remember and can't thank my donor enough but it isn't always an easy life after transplant but the best thing to do is get on with it :) I'm doing my lung function again tomorrow and hopefully it hasn't gone down again, if it has we are telling GOSH and hopefully they will do something about it and i'm ready to fight anything that comes at me! :) 

As always, thank you for reading
Speak soon
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