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Goodbye 2014

Thursday, 15 January 2015


2014 was the year i started to live a normal life again, despite going into hospital a few times because of lung problems, it was still a great year. 

  • I did my GCSE exams which wasn't easy because i missed nearly 2 years of school
  • I left school
  • I went to my school prom which i never thought would happen
  • I went to see ONE DIRECTION!
  • I went to Butlins with my family
  • I was 1 year post Double Lung Transplant thanks to my organ donor
  • I had my 16th birthday and party- 2 years ago i didn't think i would be here for my 16th birthday
  • I went to Hungary with my dad for a week! 
  • I met some great friends thats I've always spoke to online (Faith, Jess, Emily & David, Charlotte, Victoria and Vanessa)
  • I've made amazing friends from college that i can call my best friends 
These things might not be a great big deal for some people but for me it is amazing! i say this a lot but i only did all those things because an organ donor saved my life! their parents/carers said YES to organ donation. loosing someone you love is the hardest thing that could happen but knowing that they saved someone else's life is a great thing! i will always be happy with my life no matter what happens and will never ever forget my donor. 

sign up and do the right thing, organ donation saves lives: CLICK HERE!

Update: the methylpred seems to have worked its magic and now i am on 60mg of prednisolone for a week and gradually bringing it down(i'm still eating loads!) my lung function has gone up to 64% which means i am going home tomorrow! after 4 weeks of being in hospital i am actually allowed home! i will be coming back up to GOSH on the 28th January for a quick check up before i go to DISNEY!!!! and i have my fundoplication on the 19th February! i am sooooo happy!! :)

As always, thank you for reading
Speak soon
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