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Happy New Year!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy new year everyone!! i hope you all had an amazing christmas because i sure did! it felt so good spending it with my family and being well! i had some great presents, but christmas isn't about the presents its about spending it with your family and having fun! i had a lush roast!! i went to my dads in the evening and we had a buffet, i got loads of clothes off him but i had to take them ALL back because I've put on weight haha!!
i had a great new year too! i went to a party with my friends and i dressed up as bat woman! i wore a mask and everything ;) it was such a laugh! but i came home at 10 because i wanted to spend the last 2 hours of 2013 with my mum! and we did the countdown together :)
i haven't done much since then really, just been staying in having lazy days with mum, but today i went to town and bought a new camera!! I'm going to plymouth on the 17th to see James Arthur with my mum and sisters, we are going shopping the day after :D
tomorrow I'm travelling up to London for clinic on wednesday, but hopefully tomorrow we are going to madame tussauds :D
we are going to Butlins for christmas this year, my mum booked it the other day! I'm so excited!!
OH YEAH!! i was on daybreak on the 30th of december! me and kirstie tancock went on and spoke about our stories! it was really good, we stayed in the doubletree by hilton!! it was so posh and we had a lovely dinner! me and my mum did a face mask! i was on at 6:50 and 8:10 in the morning so we had to get up at 5! i had no sleep the night before because it was so hot in the room! so i looked terrible haha!
i will update you all about how London goes after I've been :)
thanks for all the support in 2013 and i hope everyone has a great 2014, i defiantly will i have loads of things planned!
my christmas dinner!
me my mum and bailey at christmas!
my friends on nye!


me as bat woman haha

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