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low neutrophils! :(

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

hello everyone, here is a post about how everything has been since last time I wrote, well I went to see James Arthur in Plymouth and we went shopping before the concert and I bought a Pandora bracelet and I got an angel charm for my donor! also my sister bought me a pink charm! :D James Arthur was so good!!! me and my mum was sat quite close!! a woman who was sat next to me was drunk and she grabbed me and took me to the front for about 15 minutes until a security person came down and told us to go back to our seats! but I got a few good pictures! :D then on the Saturday we went shopping again and had some lunch before we caught the train home :) last Monday I went back to school but I caught an infection in my feeding tube so I didn't go Tuesday, went back Wednesday and Thursday, on Thursday I had bloods taken to check my tacrolimus levels and my white cells and a couple of hours later the hospital rang and said my neutrophils were extremely low! so we spoke to gosh and I had to stay in my house and no one was allowed out and no one was allowed in because if I caught a temp I could go really ill. SO GUESS WHAT HAPPENS! I caught a temp!! so I came to hospital on Friday night at half 10 and they put a cannula in because they might of had to start IV antibiotics but I didn't get a temp again so they let me go home again Saturday morning, on Sunday I started to get a temp again starting at 37.5 and it was going up to 38 so I got taken into hospital at half 12 at night and this time I started IV antibiotics because we didn't want to risk me getting any worse because my lung function has already dropped 10% on my home lung function machine and I have been having chest pain, got an infection in my feeding tube and I have a little bit of a cold!! they checked my CRP and it was 46 on Sunday and today its 24! its gone down so the IVs must be working! :) I have to stay in hospital until my cultures come back and if they are negative I can stop the IVs and go home! and if their is something growing well I don't know what they are going to do ha ha! I would like to thank everyone for all the kind messages it really does mean a lot!

if you would like to see more updates please go like a page my sister made to share my story with everyone.. :)

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  1. Bless you hunnie!
    Glad to hear your slowly getting better!
    Have a look at my blog - Ive had three liver transplants! xo


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