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Disneyland Paris!!!!

Saturday, 7 February 2015


i'm back from Disneyland! it was AMAZING, absolutely AMAZING! i loved every second of it, the journey there and back wasn't great but it was all worth it! when we got there it was quite warm, but on Thursday when we went into the parks it was freezing! i had a photo with minnie mouse and got hers, mickeys and queen of hearts signature, i didn't go on many rides because of my piccline and didn't want to risk it and plus it was too cold! i went on one ride and it was probably the scariest ride I've been on because i don't go on many rides haha! Olivia said she was going to watch so she saw us on the ride at the beginning and she saw my face and she couldn't stop laughing when i got off because my face was apparently very funny! :P i loved the parade, seeing all the characters was lovely and i got some photos too so i will post some :) i bought quite a lot of stuff and getting it into my suitcase when we left was hard work haha, we stayed in hotel cheyenne and it was a nice hotel! i went with college but i stayed with my friends the whole time, we had 2 rooms but there was a door in the middle so we could go in each others rooms, they made it the best holiday I've been on, there is never a dull moment when i'm with them, so many laughs! it started to snow when we were there too but not enough so it would set. I would love to go back to Disneyland one day and i will! but i have it off my bucket list, i am so happy i got to on this adventure with my friends with me and because of my donor <3 

I go up to GOSH Tuesday night for my Antibody-Mediated Rejection treatment and then should come home Thursday and then go back up for my fundoplication on the 19th Feb!  

As always, thank you for reading
Speak soon
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