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bipap and weight gain!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

i tried bipap today! its actually ok when you put it on and get used to it, but it takes a lot to get used to it though, it feels like when your walking against the wind and it catches your breath but with bipap you have to go with it, once it knows your breathing pattern it goes along with you so its not so bad. Also i have put more weight on!! :D I'm 32.1kgs now! :D i cant believe I've put on 2kgs since christmas! When my doctor came to see me today, he said if i get along with bipap and i feel better i can go home friday, but not with bipap as I'm not needing it at night time just for physio, but there funding the money to get me one for when i do need it. Tonight i started a medicine that will loosen my mucus, its called Mucodyne so hopefully that will start to work soon.

this is the bipap machine.

8 months 20 days on transplant list..x

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