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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Well they let me come home! :D i came home on Friday and on Friday night i went to work with my dad delivering mcdonalds haha! at the moment my mucus isn't coming up, I've tried everything! even the new medicine mucodyne isn't helping, today my bipap machine is coming so i have my own machine to keep at home, I'm still feeling tired and have no energy pretty much all the time but thats because my lungs are so poorly. Im still on IVs and finish them Monday or i might have to stay on them longer as my nurse came out to take blood for my CRP levels ad they've gone up a little bit and the doctor said i could go back into hospital but i want to stay home as i don't feel that poorly but if i got worse then i would go in. Today is my dog missy's 1st birthday!! :D i bought her a card and some treats haha!

well thats all really, hopefully soon i will have my new lungs!!

9 months today on transplant list..x

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