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A Happier Post :)

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Hope you are all well? :) I'm still waiting for find out when I start the radiotherapy which is annoying but at the same time I am a little happy about it, I know that sounds weird but at the moment my lung function is stable and if it stays like it I would rather not have the radiotherapy for as long as I can because I want to enjoy next month, I have a busy month and I don't want to be so tired that I have to cancel it all, I know it's so important to have the radiotherapy and of course I will have it but I want to be able to have a good time whilst I am feeling ok :) 

Yesterday Faith and Kerri came to visit because we haven't seen each other since October last year! we went to pizza hut of course had a massive catch up, it was lovely to see them, we are going to see them again in August because we're going to a friends wedding, which is exciting!

Next month I have my English exams on the 2nd and 10th, I'm going to see one direction live on the 6th with Olivia, Mcbusted are supporting them which is so cool! not sure how its going to be without Zayn in the band though but I will still love them! I'm going to Butlins in Minehead with my family and I am also going to Oceanfest with friends which is a festival near where I live in Croyde. I'm so looking forward to being able to enjoy myself again, I haven't really been doing much lately, revising for my exam and I started watching The Vampire Diaries again! it is a must see! it's so good, so if you haven't seen it yet then you need to watch it! well thats if you're into the whole vampire thing haha.

At the moment things are going okay, I'm not too nervous about the radiotherapy yet, I think it's because I haven't got a date for it. I do know that I'm not looking forward to feeling rubbish whilst I have it but if it helps then I will fight the tiredness!

Me and Faith <3

As always, thank you for reading
Speak soon
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