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National Transplant Week.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Hi everyone!

So this week is National Transplant Week and its very close to my heart because an organ donor saved my life..

Every year 1,000 people die waiting for a transplant. However, only 4% of people regularly give blood, and only 31% have joined the Organ Donor Register. 

In the UK consent is required before organs can be donated. A person can give their consent for example by joining the NHS Organ Donor Register or by discussing their wishes with loved ones. Alternatively a persons organs can be donated if consent is obtained  after their death from an authorised person, such as a relative or friend, it is very important that your loved ones know your wishes.

Pre Double Lung Transplant - was the worst time of my life, i was on oxygen 24 hours a day i never did anything.

Post Double Lung Transplant- my life has changed so much for the better, i can do so much more now!

So please sign up to be an organ donor and tell your loved ones your wishes! just click HERE to sign up.

I was in my local North devon Journal this week promoting organ donation and National Transplant Week just click HERE (north devon journal) to see my short piece!

Little update: i went into my local on Tuesday to start the Methylpred dose for 3 days and it went well, i haven't stopped eating since though! i did my Lung Function yesterday and thankfully it has gone back up to 73% - 74% i go back up to Great Ormand Street on Tuesday 22nd July where i will have a Nuclear Medicine Scan and a few other test then i have clinic on the Wednesday!


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