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Forgetting About Your Problems For One Night

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Hello Everyone.

On Wednesday 2nd July my doctor Helen Spencer came and spoke to me and my mum, when she waked through the door i knew there was something wrong. She sat down on my bed and explained to me that she suspects i have some of chronic rejection in my lungs. I have scar tissue on my lungs and they are inflamed and they are the two main signs of chronic rejection. On the other hand i was also given good news, i was allowed to go to prom! I was allowed home on the same day too but on the condition that i had to go to my local hospital on Tuesday because i have to start methylpred for three days to try and improve my lung function.

On Thursday i went to go get my eyebrows waxed and i also had my nails done by Kelsey Jones a mobile nail technician, all ready for my prom on friday(yesterday) 

Yesterday (04/07/14) was the day of my prom!! i started to go get ready at 3:00pm and i had my make up done at Golds Beauty by Nikita, she is a very good make up artist and i loved my make up! i had my hair done at 4:15pm by Courtney Short who is a mobile hairdresser. i was ready for 5:15pm to go and take pictures with my friends in a garden and then we got picked up at 6:00pm by a vintage bus! When i walked outside my house, i had a crowd of people waiting to see me in my dress. we had a laugh on the bus and went for a drive, we arrived at prom at 6:45pm and there was loads of people watching, it was so embarrassing haha! We sat down and was served food at 7.30, We had a three course meal. After desert we danced on the dance floor and had a laugh! my feet were hurting so much but i had such a great time! I finally felt like a teenager again! I was home by 11.00pm which was later than i though i would last! :)

Now the excitement of my prom is over, i have lots more to look forward too! I am off to butlins soon, My family all go there every year and we always have a laugh! I also have lots of birthdays and celebrations this summer! Not forgetting my 16th birthday and birthday party :) My party is going to be masqerade themed and we all have to wear masks :) 

Once again i would like to thank everyone for their messages of support and prayers! They mean so much and keep me in my fighting spirit! Also i would like to thank everyone who made my prom amazing! Most of all to my donor and donors family for allowing me to make these memories. A year ago the thought of going prom seemed unimaginable! They'l always have a special place in my heart! <3

Here are some photos :)

backwards photo
me and my beautiful mum

Me and Hannah
all the girls together, in front of our transport


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