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Plymouth and hospital..

Sunday, 12 May 2013

I haven't wrote anything for nearly a whole month!! well everything is still going ok! Im still very dizzy all the time but the doctors have said it is because of all my IVs I have and it's effecting my inner ear and my balance so that sucks abit :( I went to Plymouth for the weekend on 3rd may as my wish with my mum and 2 sisters!! It was an amazing weekend!! we had room service both days, we went shopping friday and Saturday and we did face masks, went on the hoe and looked at the plymouth eye, we didn't go on it because we are all scared of heights, even though I've been on the London eye before, just with my dizziness I didn't want to go on it haha! On Sunday we went to the aquarium and seen some fish and sharks! then we came home after the aquarium as I was getting tired, I slept most of the car journey and when I got home I went straight to bed to chill, Monday i went town with my mum and then went to the park with sister and my my nieces and nephew, Tuesday I went to my other sisters for tea and to see my nephew bailey :) Wednesday i had an hospital appointment to see my doctor for a check up and because I'm feeling rubbish and my chest is rubbish at the minute he admitted me into hospital and that's where I am now! My crp is 93 :( I'm getting headaches again but my co2 levels are fine :( my chest hurts, I want cf to leave me alone really! but that isn't going to happen until I get my new lungies! yesterday i went out for the day with my dad and went to trago mills and did some shopping :P today I came home for the day but... I now have an IPad mini!! :) my mum and dad got it for me today and I am typing this on it now! I love it :)

11 months 12 days on transplant list..x

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